Could this happen to you ?

Story from the NZ Herald on 25th January 2011

"A 20-year-old man broke into a $2 million luxury home in Queenstown and hosted an impromptu, seven-day alcohol-fuelled party for his friends. The actions of Finlay George were "just dreadful", Judge Richard Russell said in the Queenstown District Court yesterday.

Prosecutor Sergeant Ian Collin said the Fernhill residence was managed by George's mother, who flew to Australia for a 12-day holiday on November 17. The next day, George sent text messages to friends and broke into the house through a window, hosting a "constant party" for the next seven nights.

"The owners reported an Xbox and a plasma TV were stolen and all the beds were slept in. A number of floor carpets were stained, taps were broken and the front door was kicked apart," he said. Mr Collin reported at least nine bottles of spirits, nine bottles of wine and a substantial amount of beer were consumed. Early assessments predict the damages would cost between $30,000 and $70,000."

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